Process Support Business

SoS Service has supported multiple process transfers for our customers using our team of experts specializing in, but not limited to, the fields of RTP/PVD/CVD/Dry-Etch/Ion Implant and Epitaxy.

SoS Service has a proven track record in resolving difficult process and yield issues in a very efficient manner as the cause of most yield related problems is not rooted purely in a single process discipline or tool set.

Experience has shown that due to the intricate and interdependent nature of semiconductor manufacturing processes a problem may manifest itself at one point in the process flow, but be caused and subsequently influenced by a number of previous steps carried out over a range of process operations and tool sets from various different OEMs.

The SoS Service advantage lies in our ability to work across these multiple process disciplines and multiple tool sets, whereas each OEM must stop at the boundary of his knowledge and political jurisdiction.

Not subject to these limitations, SoS is able to get a grip on your yield and tool performance issues.