SoS Fab Decommissioning Service

SoS Service BV has been involved in multiple projects to decommission complete production lines or parts of production lines.

SoS has successful decommissioned Fab’s in Germany, the Netherlands, FranceSweden and USA.
We have decommissioned multiple tools World-Wide, most of which have been re-started up back into production in Europe and Asia.
SoS believes that by giving the right care and attention to the tools during decommissioning much time and money may be saved during refurbishment and installations.
As an example, a software back up carried out before final shutdown of a machine may save much time and expense at the moment the tool is re-powered up to discover that the 15 year old HD is failing to boot up again… By making a full system back-up a call to the OEM for new software may be avoided… !
This is just a very simple example, however we always decommission with the idea that the machine will someday be started up again. We have seen too many customers learning the hard way the consequences a poor decommissioning may bring. 
In the case of relocations SoS offers a fix price solution for our service from Fab to Fab.
Please find below the steps that may be taken in a Fab to Fab project covered by SoS.
  • System fingerprinting including baseline Process
  • System decontamination 
  • System hardware and software backup 
  • System shutdown and de-facilitation 
  • System packaging and transportation 
  • System hardware installation 
  • System Facility installation (customer responsibility) 
  • System hardware start-up
  • System baseline process start-up
Optional :
System upgrades/ refurbishments
Process support