SoS Equipment upgrades

SoS Services has developed a number of upgrades on the most common tools supported by SoS.
It is well known that the older <12 inch generation of tools are referred to as legacy equipment and that there is not much attention, development or support from the OEM for those product lines.  We have learned that many customers are facing the same sort of problems, for example a 4GB HD that fails after 15 years and is no longer manufactured. In the past the OEM may have bought up a lot of old stock but today this stock is likely to be close to used up. The result is long lead-times and exorbitant asking prices…

SoS offers you smart solutions for these kind of day to day problems.

For example on the AMAT 5000/5200 and 5500 mainframes a replacement for the original HD and/or floppy drives. We offer a Solid State solution that allows you to make a full automatic download with a single command. The result is that engineers will make more frequent system config backups and in case of power interruption your equipment will be back into production more quickly.

NEW: on the AMAT 5000/5200 and 5500 mainframes a replacement for the original equipment, and increasingly scarce, CRT screen / light pen combination. We offer an LCD solution that allows you to operate the machine from a modern LCD touch screen or mouse without the need of a light pen. Link to YouTube: Touchscreen Demo              

For the LAM Research Rainbow platform we offer an LCD dual monitor solution, pneumatic solenoid upgrades and a full replacement set for the system power-supplies.

And for the ASMi Epsilon we have a really extensive program that contains beside system upgrades                                                              a extensive repair exchange program program

Integrated Maintenance console into system mainframe (+/- 25% footprint reduction)
New style SCR’s to be calibrated using a Laptop interface 
New Main Power Distribution panel to be integrated into Mainframe
(+/- 50% footprint reduction in combination with integrated Maintenance console)
We also offer a Solid State solution for the HD and/or floppy drive to support easy system recovery after power interruptions and ease of viewing and transferring system config files and process recipes.


And much more! Please feel free to download the
specific presentation via our brochure section, and feel free to ask for more details on upgrades developed by SoS.