Who we are

Solutions on Silicon's vision is to become the first partner of choice for post-warranty Equipment/Process support. Together with our customers we are continuously investing in the improvement of equipment and process performance.

Through reiteration of the 'Continuous Improvement' concept SoS has steadily been growing into a competent and respected player in the semiconductor industry, participating in projects with OEMs and equipment end users both in manufacturing and R&D institutes. Cost reduction and yield improvement figure high in our portfolio as these topics have traditionally been a subject of discussion between semiconductor manufacturers and OEM's everywhere in the world, and particularly in Europe.

The European semiconductor industry is experiencing a limited capacity expansion on 200mm whilst at the same time the major OEM's are focusing more and more on 300mm and who knows the future 450mm developments. As a result a gap has developed between the needs of customers for specialist support on their existing tool set and the limited resources the OEM's can dedicate to their past technologies. SoS positions itself as a valid alternative to OEM support. Furthermore, being independent we are not dedicated to a single tool set or technology. Frequently we have rapidly been able to demonstrate significant improvements utilizing our pragmatic working methods.    

In addition to working in mainstream Semiconductors, SoS also invests heavily in future technologies together with our OEM partners. Please read more about this in the OEM partner section. 

There are many options to achieve your goals and SoS offers specific solutions, tailor-made to the expectations of the customer.